About Us


Ziyaad Nanabhay

Hello and welcome to Cavalier, thank you for visiting us.

I started Cavalier in 2015, out of a need for classy, designer suits and accessories. Most of the suits at that time were usually boring in design and available in 3 colors, black, navy blue and grey.

Despondent, I vowed to create the world’s most stylish suits, crafted from the world’s finest cloths using traditional bespoke methods with a modern flair. Cavalier was born…

Over the years we have added fresh new designs to our range and continue to innovate in the world of custom suits. In 2016 we created The Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II, a suit so special that only 5 were ever produced. The suit featured diamond buttons set in platinum and a pure silk lining. We like to think of The Rockefeller as the grandfather of all our suits and the tailoring methods developed in the creation of the Rockefeller are still used in our suits today.

Over the years we have also added some of the world’s most desirable accessories to our range including Cufflinks, Bracelets, Ties, Pocket Squares, and many others. Recently. We have also added a range of Luxury Oud Perfumes from Arabia and the highest quality Custom-Made Shoes, all hand cobbled and painted by our artists.

We trust you will enjoy your bespoke journey with us and look forward to welcoming you to The Cavalier Family.

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