Crafting Works of Art

Crafting Works of Art

“When I started this business, I had a vision to create something extraordinary. Something that the world had never seen before. A space where gentlemen would come to feel special” – Ziyaad Nanabhay, founder of Cavalier, The Gentleman’s Store

Imagine a place where you can find the world’s most beautiful custom suits and accessories in one bespoke location. A place where you can find shoes that are made for your unique feet in the highest quality leather and in exactly the colour that you want. For a man of style, imagine a place that stocks the trendiest accessories from all over the world.

Imagine no more for this is Cavalier, The Gentleman’s Store. Inspired by traditional Saville Row tailor stores, Cavalier provides a unique destination for men who desire the finer things in life. All our suits are fully hand made by Master Craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. We use only the finest suit cloths in the world and have unique designs to suit any discerning client.

No suit is complete without the right shoe. Our Cavalier Custom Shoe division provides hand-made Bespoke shoes, made for the individual and crafted from the highest quality leather. Our shoes are hand painted in any colour and can be produced in any design.

Our accessories are sourced from all over the world and include some of the rarest and most unique cufflinks, watches, bracelets, ties, bowties, pocket squares, socks and lapel pins. Our selections of rare and luxurious Oud Perfumes are sourced from Arabia and are hand made in the traditional method to produce the highest quality and longest lasting scents on the market. These perfumes are ultra-exclusive and are worn by the Sheikhs of the Middle East.

The concept of Cavalier, The Gentleman’s Store has been proven to be hugely
successful. With our focus on digital marketing, the Cavalier brand has grown considerably to become the foremost custom suit brand in Africa. It is indeed a business that produces and provides products of universal appeal and we believe will be successful in any geographical location.

Why Buy a Cavalier Franchise?

  • The Cavalier brand is well known for creating unique masterpiece suits
    It was started in 2015 in difficult economic conditions and the model has proven resilient despite negative market conditions
  • Cavalier is currently the only style and fashion related franchise for sale in South Africa
  • It is a limited opportunity to be part of a unique and very niche business. There are likely to only be a handful of stores in South Africa
  • The margins on suits and accessories are substantial. This will allow you to recover your initial investment within the first 2 years
  • Cavalier primarily supplies custom suits to the wedding market. This has created a niche for us to operate within as we are satisfying a proven need for unique masterpiece suits
  • Because our suits are all custom made, it is a Self-Funding model where clients pay deposits before suits are crafted. You will therefore not require large stock holding upfront and will also not have to worry about getting rid of sluggish stock
  • A Cavalier store is not labour intensive and only requires 3 people to fully operate unlike food franchises
  • Cavalier stores follow normal mall operating hours and allow the Franchisee to have a work life balance
  • The ticket value per sale is much higher than other sectors such as food. This means that you will have higher turnovers with fewer resources being used
  • Suits do not have an expiration date. Cloth is procured at the time when orders are placed. You will then not have to worry about discarding items that go bad
  • There is much prestige associated with purveying luxury. As a Cavalier Franchisee, you will be involved with the finer things in life. You will therefore get to wear the best suits and accessories daily and will enjoy these at wholesale prices

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